VIDYALAYA - Supportive coaching for Children

Vidyalaya means ‘Abode of Knowledge’. Maher started theis projectto help children in the backward communities and rural villages where education was hugely neglected and to also support them with additional assistance regarding difficult subjects and languages such as Mathematics and English. In the beginning awareness programs had to be conducted for the parents about the importance of education. As the parents realized and gained confidence in us they have been sending their children for tuition classes regularly. Many of these children have passed 10th, 12th and are pursuing further studies. The school dropout rate has also considerably decreased. Parents have now begun to take initiative to send their children to school regularly and on time.Everybody is glad to see the children’s progress. Maher is proud and happy that its efforts have paid off so well. At present Maher have two centers - one at Thakarwasti, one of its tribal projects, the other being the Pernephata Slum.