Embracing orphans and children from broken families

This name ‘Kishordham’ implies the joy and happiness which Maher believes is the basic right of every child. Maher works towards the education and well-being of every child who joins the Maher family. However, these basic rights were taken away from most of the children who come to Maher due to various traumatic situations. This affects their development and growth and the children carry a painful burden of their past.
Maher works towards creating an atmosphere of love and acceptance that is conducive to the emotional and physical growth of these children so that they can realize their full potential. Maher has reached approximately 4237 children to date. The Kishordham project includes 35 children’s homes and currently houses 873 children. More than 90 children are currently pursuing higher education in various fields. Most women who came to Maher in search of refuge came with their children. At the beginning of the project, the children were housed in one large home. However, it was soon realized that a larger number of homes with fewer children each was a better arrangement to cater to the individual emotional needs of the children. The children are also exposed to the surrounding community to facilitate an environment conducive to healthy psychological development. This led to the creation of smaller homes housing around 20 children each and two house mothers in each of them. This helps to ensure that the children are brought up in a family atmosphere. There is a trained social worker for every group of 3 homes to monitor the progress of the house.

Homes under the Kishordham project

35 homes in 4 states of India


Pune, Satara, Miraj, Navi Mumbai and Ratnagiri


Ranchi, Bijupara and Bokaro


Mulanthuruthy Ernakulam


Loni BK