Homes for destitute, battered, physically challenged, and old age men

The word ‘Pitruchaya’ means ‘shadow of father’. The project was started with the purpose of taking care of the homeless, mentally ill, physically ill, and destitute men.

Maher was initially working with women and children. Sr. Lucy started a home for destitute mentally ill women in Manjari on 29th Feb 2004. However, when Sr. Lucy traveled, she saw so many needy, destitute, mentally and physically ill men. But Maher, in those days, did not have a proper place to provide them shelter.

One day, on 4th Apr 2011, Sr. Lucy’s friend called her and told her about a man on the streets who was in very bad condition with clothes torn, strong body odor, and dirty hair. Sr. Lucy immediately sent a social worker, a driver, and some older boys from Maher to pick him up from the street. At that time, Maher did not have a proper home for men. So, Sr. Lucy made arrangements for him to live with the older boys in Vatsalyadham premises. The boys cleaned him and gave him medicines based on the doctor’s advice.  This was the initiation of the Pitruchaya project.

The first project under Pitruchaya was Karunalaya which was located in Awhalwadi with the older boys. However, keeping men and women on the same premises was not permitted by the authorities. So, all the men in Karunalaya were rehabilitated to their families or to other institutions and Maher stopped working with men.

Once again, whenever Sr Lucy and staff were traveling, she would see destitute needy men and felt the urge to help them. One day, Sr. Lucy saw a closed gas agency and immediately called the owner to share her wish to start working with destitute men and requested to rent her place. The owner, Ms. Melani Fernandis, agreed and gave the house rent for two years. Sr. Lucy renovated the house to ensure that there were large windows, proper doors, and toilets. The house was inaugurated on 15th August 2013 by Mr. Raghwendra Kadbol (Film actor), Ms. Melani Fernandis, and Dr. Nicola Pawar. All the village people were invited to the inauguration. Thus Maher, once again, started working for destitute men.

A new home was built in Sanaswadi and the men were shifted to this new home on 10th March 2020. So far, Maher has helped 454 men through the project. At the moment, there are 41 men living in the Sanaswadi home (called Karunalaya). At the same time, the gas agency building was used to set up a home for elderly men and this project, called Kinara, was inaugurated on 10th March 2021. So far, 57 men have taken shelter in Kinara. There are 25 elderly men living in Kinara at the moment.

Homes under the Pitruchaya project


A home for the Homeless, Mentally & Physically ill men


A home for homeless, elderly, aged men


Sheltering homeless, elderly, and Ill men

Shanti Niwas

A home for the Homeless, Mentally & Physically ill men in Wardha


Sheltering homeless, elderly, aged men


A home for the Homeless, Mentally & Physically ill men in Jharkhand


A home for the Homeless, Mentally & Physically ill men in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Madhu Niwas

A home for the Homeless, Mentally & Physically ill men in Kolkata