VATSALYADHAM - A real Home for souls abandoned by kith and kin

Vatsalyadham means “abode of love”. This home has 133 inmates and was officially opened in Feb 2004. It is a home for mentally disturbed women who are unstable, traumatized, orphaned or abandoned by their families or are found wandering on the street. These women are in urgent need of both shelter and psychiatric help. Located at Manjari Khurd, Vatsalyadham is a special home for these women, created with an objective to rehabilitate them back into social mainstream. In case they are released from Maher, there is a regular follow-up to ensure that they are coping well and are happy. The women are assisted by social workers, nurses and psychiatrists who provide medical and therapeutic services to them. The staff who make up the working force of Vatsalyadham include women who had originally come to Maher in search for help and are now capable of helping other women in need. These women are put into different groups according to their interests and are trained on making different types of crafts, woolen necklaces, jewelry, earrings, door mats, bags, mirrors for which they get pocket money. They give a helping hand to each other are thus are very happy. The social workers keep them occupied with various activities such as yoga, meditation, walking, exercising, dance therapy, music therapy, drawing, gardening, rangoli, reading, singing, games and storytelling. They are counseled regularly and are giving training on daily chores such as cooking, cleaning, washing, helping one another, praying.