USHALAYA - Abode of Dawn for the Toddlers

Ushalaya means 'An Abode of Dawn'. Maher chose this name for its kindergarten since childhood marks the beginning of life when the foundations for learning need to be built. This project caters to the requirements for education of toddlers and pre-school children. It works towards the establishment of kindergartens in remote and distant places which lack facilities for children for access to primary education that would prepare them for formal training in school. This project at present has 11 kindergartens in existence. The teachers are Kindergarten trained by us. As they are from the same local villages the parents have confidence and trust in them so they send their children and go to work worry-free. We organize various activities for the children, take them on short trips & picnics. The children get ample exposure to city life which builds confidence in them and brings them joy. Maher also ensures that these children get enrolled into schools. Apart from providing the necessary educational material we also provide snacks and food for the children and take care of theirnutritional needs. Maher had started a kindergarten for the nomadic children. Though they are older children, they had never been to school before. Maher plans to give them a future by making it a full day school attending to all their physical and educational needs. There are 10 Kindergartens at present attended by approximately 178 children.