Sukh Sandhya


SUKH SANDHYA - Sheltering Destitute Aged Woman

SukhSandhya means “at the close of day”. It is a home for the destitute aged women who are almost at the end of their days. Most of them have been picked up by Maher workers from the roadside or railway platform. Often they were found begging in the street, suffering from mental illness, disowned by their kith and kin with no one to care for them in their old age. The SukhSandhya program strives to care for these women and ensure that they are able to live happily with serenity and dignity in a secure home. These women are put into different groups according to their interests such as singing, storytelling, reading, games, drawing, dancing and making crafts, garlands, doormats, jewelry, etc. They also are involved in daily chores such gardening, cleaning grains, vegetables. They are very happy when the children interact with them as they feel the need to have somebody to talk to and listen to them.