Objectives of the project

  • To have a permanent home for our children in Ratnagiri which helps them to develop a sense of belongingness
  • To provide our children better living conditions along with lots of love and care and a homelike atmosphere, so that the children will grow healthy, get educated and be responsible persons of the society.
  • To provide proper housing facilities (rooms, toilets, recreational area) for 30 children.
  • To ensure children’s needs are being taken care off. Provide them with healthy and permanent accommodation. Proper facility for their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.


Ratnagiri is approximately 4 hours south of Mumbai. Following a request from a well wisher in 2007, Maher built a home here in an empty building owned by him.

Recognizing the needs in the town this Maher supporter worked with us and the home was opened on 10th December 2008. Starting with just one social worker, one housemother and 10 children we are pleased to see this house grow and be able to accommodate many more children. The children came from slums and from villages. Many have parents locally, but the parents, even if working, can’t afford food and school for their children as they belong to a very poor region.

When the contract was not renewed in 2012 Maher found a new base outside the town and applied for a 50 child license. Adjustments have had to be made to the house to adhere to the government regulations.

As of August 2016 we now have

  • Over 30 children
  • 3 Social workers
  • A new home for men
  • A senior citizens home for women
  • A home for girls
  • A new house for HIV Aids affected boys