PREMALAYA - Caring for children as parents work away from home

‘Premalaya’ means 'Temple of Love'. It is a day care centre for younger children whose parents work all throughout the day. At Premalaya, these little children get habituated to sit in a classroom atmosphere where they are taught songs, fed and looked after for the day until their parents return from work. They are engagedin different learning-based activities throughout the day that prepares them well to start 1st Grade in school. This also increases their interests and they are eager to start school. The parents of these children are usually landless laborers migrating for a living to distant areas during certain times of the year. In the process the kids land up as child laborers. Unfortunately the government has no provision to support these people. This led Maher to set up Premalaya which provides care, nourishment and basic education for these children. There are at present 25 children in this project.