PRAGATI - Reaching out to Rural India

Pragati means ‘Progress’. This project was started to bring about public awareness among the backward communities and villages. So many awareness programs are regularly organized on various issues like Health & General Well Being, Education, Legal Aid, Human Rights, Superstition, Dowry System, Child Labour, Female Feticide, Educating the Girl Child, Domestic Violence, etc. Maher had taken this up to bring about a change in the attitude and lives of the villagers. This year we had conducted many awareness programs on Health & Hygiene, Safe Pregnancy, New Mother & Child Care, and Superstitions about pregnancy, Sex Education, Save the Girl Child. Role plays and street plays are used as the main medium of getting the message across to the villagers and thus help them understand better. These programs are often attended by an external resource person who provides additional information on the subject of discussion. With continuous and persistent efforts of Maher, more and more people are being reached now even in the interior villages,and it is significantly contributing towards the progress of these backward communities.