PARISHRAM - Centre for Vocational Training

Parishram means ‘Hard Work’. The name serves right for this project as the women working here put continuous efforts and Hard Work in creating wonders such as different kinds of Cloth Bags, Paper Bags, Crochet Bags, Scented Candles, Cards, Photo Frames, Files, Diyas, Jewelry, Masalas and Chocolates etc. The products and items made here are later sent for sale, the proceedings of such sales goes to the residents of Maher and the needy women & girls working here.It is not only a production unit but also a training center for many women& girls who come from the local and neighboring villages.They receive training in different Livelihood Courses such as Tailoring, Beautician etc, after which they start their own business units or training centers. There is a huge demand for skills development training as more and more women want to be financially independent and take an extra income to their families. Maher is now reaching out into the interior villages where the need is more for financial independence of these women.