MAMATADHAM - A Home for Battered and Destitute Women

‘Mamatadham’ stems from the root ‘Mamata’ which refers to the affection showered by the mother on the child. This project signifies the rationale behind Maher’s work for women in its initial years. Women reeling under different kinds of emotional, psychological, social and financial tensions are welcome under this project. They are from all sections of our community and are given affection and acceptance long denied to them by their kith and kin. Maher had initially planned to work only with the women who had sought refuge at Maher. However in time it was realized that it was not just the women who were in distress; their children too were the victims of the hard times their mother faced. It was therefore decided to bring in children too within Maher’s network. Maher so far has been able to reach out to and touch the lives of more than 4060 women. They came to Maher hoping for some shelter- temporary or for an extended period. Often they are illiterate or have just a smattering of alphabets. Despite these odds, Maher helps them with professional training with a view to making them economically self-reliant. At Maher, these women follow a regular timetable; they work together by helping out in the kitchen, in cleaning the house or at the production centre. The production centre helps them develop and harness their skills in the production of a variety of saleable articles like candles, greeting cards, every day spices, bags and purses. Some of them are engaged in educational endeavors of Maher as well. Aboli is a home for college going girls who are above the age of 18. So this is also called as Youth Home. It has 35 girls who are looked after by 2 house mothers and 1 social worker who is in-charge of this house. Some of the girls are doing professional courses such as Fashion Designing, Beautician Course and BCA/ MCS etc. They have a keen interest in the work at the production unit which produces a large number of articles for sale for which they earn a nominal amount and the money they earn is put into their personal account which can be used by them for their higher education and sometimes it is used as travelling allowance to go to their colleges. They also take part in extracurricular activities in their colleges and also at Maher, and in street plays to bring about awareness in people on various issues such as Save the Girl Child, De-Addiction, Superstitions, Education, Women’s Rights, Environment etc.