“Go, Play, Lead and Be the Change!”, has been the motto of Maher sports camp 2016.

It was a full packed residential day and night program of total 55 events which includes athletics, sports, games, art and different cultural programme. The stamina, the attitude and the focus of each participant was indeed outstanding.

Their joy, their spirit of making space for each other was indeed great to experience, learn and appreciate. Overall participants were over 800 in number where 600 were children and rest were the enthusiastic staffs and dedicated housemothers.

Among the four houses, red house is the winner while blue group is the runner. The discipline trophy is grabbed by the green house. The “best house captain award” 2016 secured by the yellow house and the name of the captain is master Shrivatsa and miss Kamal. We congratulate all the winners, little champs to champs!