Maher celebrates its 21st anniversary

Maher celebrates its 21st anniversary

On 4th Feb Sunday, Maher celebrated its 21st anniversary at Vatsalyadham at Wagholi. The celebration started at 4.00 pm with opening of the Maher Kurian Kalasagar, the new production unit and the training centre. The project has been supported byVakkachalil siblings in memory of their father late Kurien Vakkachalil. The function was graced by a number of Maher well-wishers including Swami Agnivesh, Rashmi Shukla - Pune’s Police Commissioner, Mr. Vijay Patker - well-known Marathi actor Mr.Siby and Mrs. Vijitha Vakkachalil, respectively Sister Lucy’s brother and his wife, Dr. Wolfang Schwaiger and Ms. Bernie Hill.

In keeping with the Maher tradition, the inauguration was attended by priests from different religions who recited verses in blessing from their respective holy scriptures. This was followed by the main program which was presided over by Swami Agnivesh, eminent social activist. A book on Maher in Hindi titled ‘Nounihal–Maher’ written by Prof. Vasant Ambade was released on the occasion at the hands of Ms. Rashmi Shukla. In his inaugural address to Maher children, Chief Guest Swami Agnivesh exhorted them to nurture the inter-faith tradition of Maher and end the hatred in our society. He also asked them to stay away from liquor and other vices which have destroyed many homes in our country.

Swami Agnivesh gave away on the occasion Maher annual awards to Maher children, men and women. These included awards in appreciation of offbeat wedding ties. They were given to Mr Ramesh and Anita (inter religious marriage), to Mr Harish and Sukeshwini(inter caste marriage) and to Mr Antony and Shirly (interstate marriage).

In addition following awards were also given:

● Best Social Worker: Sachin Pise ● Best Boy: Sanip Khan
● Best Girl: Pooja Badhe ● Best House Mother: Ms. Seema
● Best Home: Sadabahar and ● Best Driver: Mr Eknath Tambe

This was followed by a number of amazing stage performances by Maher children which regaled everyone in the audience


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