KALASAGAR - Helping dropouts to Rise to a New Way of Life

This project was started especially for school dropouts or those boys and girls who have never attended school. Maher had observed that most women coming to take shelter here had a very traumatic past and had greatly suffered due to many social evils such Early Marriage, Dowry System, Domestic Violence, Alcoholic abusive and suspicious husbands, etc and the root cause for all these problems was “Illiteracy”. It is a very common practice in rural India to get girls married off as soon as they reach the age of 15-17, due to this the girls are forced to quit school and learn household chores. Last year 4 of Maher’s House Mothers expressed their desire to complete HSC – 10th Standard exams. So they were given an opportunity to do so through National Open School. They appeared for theexams and now are eagerly awaiting results. Further they also want to complete 12th Standard after which they will have a chance to rise towards a better future. Maher is very glad that it is able to help so many girls and women to accomplish their dreams.