Dear Friends,

This letter is to give you the good news that I launched an Interfaith Community on 2nd Feb 2017. The mission of this community is service to Humanity and Nature. We are committed to this mission, regardless of our diverse religious faiths or beliefs. We stand as one for this cause.

“Creator of Peace may it be your will to bestow peace on Your people.  Let peace abound and extend to all the inhabitants of the world until there is no longer any conflict between one person and another.  May there be only great love and peace among all humanity. May we all recognize the love that others have for us and know that we all seek goodness and love . . . For the Divine promises that the language of the nations will be turned to one of pure speech.” – Jewish Prayer


What a great joy it was to mark Maher’s 20th Anniversary of service to the India’s most vulnerable with the launch of Maher’s Interfaith Association for Service to Humanity and Nature!  More than 200 people over 18 years of age participated in the Association’s first Interfaith Prayer Group gathering at Maher’s National Center on 2nd Feb., 2017 during World Interfaith Harmony Week.

Maher staff and housemothers chose to sign this strictly voluntary pledge.  A number of international visitors joined the service community and many more individuals from around the globe pledged their support to the new community by email.

Guests entered Maher’s Main Hall carrying an offering of red rose petals and embraced Sr. Lucy Kurien, founder of Maher and of this visionary, new community.  Following the procession, the group sat in silence inspired by interfaith chants as candles were lit around the interfaith mandala by members of the Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Christian faiths and Humanists from India and around the world.


The ideals of the new community include:

  • a commitment to Seva (service) to people and nature and to stand by the suffering humanity,
  • a promise to alleviate the pains of people within one’s capacity and respect and care for Mother Earth,
  • dedication to inner work and daily spiritual practice,
  • wise and sparing use of natural and monetary resources so that our ability to help those in need grows
  • Respect and honor for all faiths and respect and love for all people.

Sr. Lucy has long said “Love is my religion.” With a full heart and tears in her eyes, she shared the mission of this bold, new interfaith community, which is to serve humankind and nature regardless of diverse religious faiths or beliefs.  “It is not we who do the seva/service, but the Divine who does seva through us.”  She closed her remarks by urging each person present to do one kind thing for another person or nature each day.

The gathering closed with the people singing Hindu, Muslim and Christian chants in rounds.  A community dinner on Maher’s terrace followed the Interfaith Prayer Group Gathering.

If you were not able to attend the 2nd Feb. gathering and you would like to learn more about joining or bringing the Interfaith Association for Service to Humanity and Nature to your community, please email –, Contact – Mr. Mathew +91 9850023993


Yours Sincerely
Sr. Lucy Kurien