GYANGANGA - Villager's Own Library

Gyanganga means ‘river of knowledge’. This project began with a vision to start and maintain libraries and make them accessible to villagers. But this initiative Maher had taken has not only benefited the many villagers but also the children in all our centers. The children are keen to acquire more knowledge on various topics. They have participated in a number of General Knowledge competitions & other related activities and have fared very well. These libraries are also a meeting point where the villagers bring their knowledge to discuss common issues related to their farms, crops and general day to day living and mutually beneficial matters. These libraries were started to cater to the villagers in the interior regions of rural India where there was absolutely no means of obtaining even basic information. At present Maher has one library each at Apti, Vadhu and Vatsalyadham, Kerala, Ratnagiri, Shirur, Bakori and Kendur.