GOMIA - Maher Mahila Phulwa Sanghatna

At present Maher has 16 staff working in Bokaro, Hajaribag & Ranchi in Jharkhand and 10 Parasocial workers in the interior remote villages. They are 5 teachers are handling the tailoring training program in different villages. 1 teacher is handling Beautician Course. Many children are going to school because of tuition classes in different villages. At present they are having 6 Tailoring classes & 1 Beautician Training course. There are constant efforts on part of Maher to reach out to more remote interior villages in Jharkhand as they live a very secluded life and for this a lot of support is much needed to make these women independent and self-reliable.
They have more than a 100 SHGs who organize awareness programs addressing various issues such as importance of education, de-addiction, child marriage, health & hygiene, legal matters, superstition, domestic violence, safe pregnancy, female feticide, etc.