Diwali Celebration Of Maher, Festival Of Light of India

Diwali Celebration Of Maher, Festival Of Light of India

Maher Diwali 2016

Like every year  Maher has celebrated Diwali,The Festival Of Light Of India with Joy,Love And lots of Fun at all the homes of Maher  in Pune,Jharkhand and Ratnagiri. Maher Diwali theme of 2016 was “SAY NO TO CRACKERS” and to spread light and love in the society.On the eve of Diwali Festival all housemothers and staffs of different homes made different types of Indian sweets  which were then distributed among the children of Maher and the slum area s and remote villages of India as a gesture of Love and Care.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n

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