Andhra Pradesh


Dr. Ulrike Biedendieck, and friend and benefactor of Maher during her visit, spoke of Sr. Lucy about the VRO (Village Reconstruction Organisation) project at Nellore. Late Fr. Michael Windey, SJ, was the founder of VRO.

Dr. Ulrike suggested to Sr. Lucy that Maher could a similar programme in Andhra Pradesh. At first Sr. Lucy was very reluctant as she felt the location was too far and no one could speak the local language, Telugu. Dr. Ulrike made arrangements for Sr. Lucy to visit Nellore and get a firsthand experience. Sr. Lucy was convinced that she could take over one of the centres from Fr. Peter Daniel of VRO and run a Maher project. Sr. Lucy took some of the Board members and senior staff visited the site once again and made a GIFT SETTLEMENT between VRO and Maher on 1st December 2019, and on 22nd February 2021 Sr, Lucy and Hira travelled to our location at Krishnapuram village, Yekollu Panchayat, Doravaari Sathram Mandal of S.P.S.R. Nellore District- Andhra Pradesh. The entire place was cleaned and set up and on 25th February 2021, the inauguration was held. The project was started in a small way. Gaus Sayyad who grew up in Maher is presently teaching the staff how to run a project for women, children and men. At present we have 5 women and 6 men who were picked up from the street taking shelter. Asha Jadhav who was in Maher for nearly 18 years is in-charge of the women. Once we find enough local staff, we will call back the staff of Pune.